Project InI13

​​Activated Carbon Manufacturing from Bagasse, Coal & other Carbon Containing Materials

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Activated Carbon​

  • ​​Unique absorbents for their extended surface area & microporous structures
  • Water/waste water and air treatment, chemical industries, food, pharmaceutical, oil, gas     and petrochemical, etc.
  • Significant demand for removal of heavy metals such as mercury & other pollutants from   water/air​​


Project Overview:

  • ​​Annual Production Capacity 40,000. Tons
  • ​Implementation site: South of Iran-Khouzestan
  • ​Approved Finance
  • ​Purchased 25 Hectares of Land Beside Sugar Cane Industry under Bagasse Shooting
  • ​Obtained all Required Local Government Licenses/Certificates
  • ​Prepared Infrastructures Needed Including Electric Power, Water,  Gas, etc.​



Business Features:

    • Highly demanded/added-value product from low cost raw material for various applications
    • Proximity/access to local/regional market
    • Mass production of various low cost raw materials including agricultural waste & coal
    • Lower cost production: lower cost energy, labor, raw materials, and transportation

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