Dr. Sepehr Forouzanfar is the president as well as the executive manager of Senseinnovation Inc. He has a broad knowledge and experience in system integration and multi-disciplinary field of Physics and Engineering. Having extensive background in executing research, engineering, and INNOVATIVE HIGH-TECH projects and being in charge of implementing large-scale projects in material processing, mechanical, electrical, mechatronics, automation, etc. enable him and other members of the company to achieve the on-going projects and prospective commitment of the company:

Dr. Sepehr Forouzanfar

President & CEO Senseinnovation Inc

  • Material processing and corresponding large scale industrial projects
  • ​Mechatronics; servo control, equipment/material selection, installation and configuration
  • R &D projects in Physics & Eng.; research, design, manufacture
  • ​Sensors and transducers; design, measurement, calibration and application
  • Magnetic, hydraulic, pneumatic actuators design, manufacture and application
  • ​Remote object designation, rotary directing systems; scanning, tracking & positioning
    Laser tracking application, power ultrasound for industrial application
  • ​​MEMS analysis and design: micro-actuator/resonators/filters/sensors
  • MEMS microfabrication: thin film deposition, pattern, etch, and release